1. About Me

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In official documents, my name appears as Nguyen Van Ty while in English order, it would be Ty Van Nguyen. Yet, it is just fine to call me by my first name, Ty.
I am a PhD student in Computer and Information Science at University of Pennsylvania and a VEF fellow. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (2012), followed by a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology under the supervision of Professor Tsz-Chiu Au. (He is currently looking for talented and enthusiastic students. If you are interested in his research, please do not hesitate to reach out to him at chiu@unist.ac.kr)

Research Description
As a long-term goal, I whole-heartedly work to facilitate the coexisting of robots and intelligent agents with us. Up to now, machines are very far from mimicking humans in completing tasks such as navigating, speaking, listening to humans and manipulating objects. However, I believe that we will eventually reach the point at which machines can perform these tasks and friendly communicate with humans. As a consequence, human beings can be released from heavy and dangerous tasks such as resource mining, infrastructure construction and catastrophe rescue. Moreover, people have more choices to make friends, thanks to humanoid robots that are already in the market, and the elders can have daily support by servant robots. My career vision is to contribute to this progress by studying critical problems in the related fields.

Contact: tynguyen@seas.upenn.edu

2. Research Projects

Motion Planning Under Constraints

  • Supervisor: Dr. Tsz-Chiu Au – Mar.2014 – June.2016
  • Summary: Devised methods to describe the configuration space of a mobile robot and proposed approaches utilizing a configuration space to solve the validation problem. This work can also serve as a foundation for other classic problems such as optimization problems

  • Related publications: [4]

Learning Vehicle Performance Models

  • Supervisor: Dr. Tsz-Chiu Au – Mar.2014 – present
  • Summary: Developed efficient methods to learn the performance model of vehicle or a mobile robot and evaluated the performance of this model in planning. New methods to utilize this model were also studied. These works provide means to relax complicated and even intractable equation models in motion planning problems

  • Related publications: [5,6]

Motion Planning under Uncertain Environments

  • Supervisor: Dr. Tsz-Chiu Au – Mar.2014 – present
  • Summary: Proposed a new planning approach to cope with environment uncertainties. The proposed approach is easy to implement and allow reuse of existing problem-specified offline planners

  • Related publications: [7]

Video-Based Traffic Surveillance System

  • Supervisor: Dr.Nguyen Tien Dzung – Sept.2013 – Feb.2014
  • Summary: Investigated optimal approaches to detect and classify vehicles in traffic surveillance videos

User Adoption of Mobile Application Enhancement

    • Supervisor: Dr.Tam N. Vu* and Dr.Tung Thanh Nguyen** – Sept.2013 – Feb.2014
    • Summary: Developed a crawler and database to collect meta-data of Android applications

*: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Univeristy of Colorado, Denver, USA
**: Computer Science Department, Utah State University, Utah, USA

Assisted Global Positioning System-Based Vehicle Tracking System

  • Supervisor: Dr.Nguyen Quang Dich, Dr.Nguyen Danh Huy – Jan.2012 – June 2012
  • Summary: Design on-vehicle devices acquiring vehicle location and parameters and transferring data to database center