[Book] Find your passion changes everything

[Link] “Find your passion changes everything

The book is rich in anecdote and story (that’s clearly Robinson’s own element), and explores the real life ‘left of centre’ creativity of well-known figures such as Gillian Lynne, Matt Groening, Paul Samuelson, Mick Fleetwood, Bart Conner, Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, Meg Ryan, Debbie Allen and a number of others. Many of these people were interviewed directly by Robinson and present engaging stories about how they nearly missed out on realising their capabilities, but for a chance encounter, a great mentor or a dedication to push through failure. Robinson is not afraid to put himself into the story either, and talks about his own mentorship experiences, his struggles, and those of his wife’s and his friends. A common feature of all the people spotlighted in this book is that few of them were straight ‘to the top’ achievers. Many struggled at school and it was the very place where they struggled that formed the nexus of their talent and ultimate achievement. Good examples of this are Buckminster Fuller, designer of the geodesic dome (a strange feature of my own childhood) and Albert Einstein. Both Fuller and Einstein found their Element in an unusual ability to fuse different disciplines:

I don’t mean to say that no other species on Earth has any form of imaginative ability. But certainly none comes close to showing the complex abilities that flow from the human imagination. Other species communicate, but they don’t have laptops. They sing, but they don’t produce musicals. They can be agile, but they didn’t come up with Cirque du Soleil. They can look worried, but they don’t publish theories on the meaning of life and spend their evenings drinking Jack Daniel’s and listening to Miles Davis. And they don’t meet at water holes, poring over images from the Hubble telescope and trying to figure out what those might mean for themselves and all other hyenas. (67)


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