Presentation at Unist

Happiness: Can money buy us happiness? 

Link here

“Money does nothing with your happiness, forget it and forget fucking rich people”.- When i was young, so many people told me that claim.

But, don’t get me wrong. I believe that money can get us happiness if we use it properly. In other word, it is the matter of money usage, not money itself.  In this presentation, i cover fundamental definition and terminologies regarding money by views of psychologists and economics. Key factors of money’s contribution to our life are also undercovered  throughout a few minutes of presenting.  All in all, i end up it by expressing on how money can be beneficial to our well-being and happiness.

Study at  Unist

Link here

I’ve been showing up in presentation class which is super funny and interesting. I’ve learned a lot, especially how to stand confidently and comfortably under the spot light. My instructor, Nate is kinda attractive guy who can make you always smile in the class. He is a Canadian, get married and has a young kid. I am really impressed by his bright lecture and his real stories telling his experience about his journey to more than 60 countries worldwide. He is simply brilliant. He knows everything.

This attached file is one of my presentation materials discussing about my University’s graduate studying.



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